Sunday, August 28, 2016

Celebrating her Life, Katy Sozaeva

Katy Sozaeva
They say the only constants in life are change and death. These two are often coupled together. When we lose someone who contributed so much to our lives, there is always a hole left that they used to occupy. Earlier this week, I learned that Katy Sozaeva passed after a long fight with cancer. I worked with her for years on fine-tuning my own books and we cooperated on many edits for other authors. She was a Vine Voice Amazon Book Reviewer, a powerful editor, and a loving woman. Dmitry, I'm so sorry for your loss and what you both went through the last few years. I was heartbroken when she was originally diagnosed, but she fought the good fight. Now she can rest with a good book like she so often liked to do, lounging on a soft cloud somewhere up high, just like the kitties she adored so much like to do.
I've just been in touch with Kriss over at book reviewer, blogger, and great friend of Katy's. Kriss has a wonderful idea for a celebration of Katy's life. She is compiling all the great things people would like to say about Katy, everything from how she influenced authors and helped their writing to flourish to childhood memories, newly written poems in honor of Katy, and even podcasts. This is a time for remembrance, celebrating her life, and also showing how she helped us to shine in our own unique ways. In Kriss' words, "I'm celebrating her life. It can be anything, a letter to her, a memory, a goodbye, anything."
Also, if you are an author, feel free to add your bio in addition along with links to things Katy may have helped create. Include pictures, videos, audio recordings, anything that can help celebrate Katy's life and her contribution to the world at large. I know that personally she ingrained herself in almost every page I've had published thus far.
Each contribution will be posted on and cross-posted on other book blogger's sites celebrating the life and mourning the loss of one of their own, our late, great Katy Sozaeva. If you knew Katy and would like to contribute, email Kriss at cabin (dot) goddess (at) gmail (dot) com. All are welcome.

Weston Kincade ~ Author of the A Life of Death collection, The Priors, and Strange Circumstances