Monday, April 28, 2014

Keep the 5 Star Reviews Comin'

The last few weeks have been quite busy for me, what with teaching, running WAKE Editing, and  the limited time I have to continue writing. However, I'm excited to say that a couple more book bloggers have just finished reading and reviewing A Life of Death and its sequel The Golden Bulls. A Life of Death is told through episodes 1 through 6 while The Golden Bulls starts with episode 7 and goes through 12.

Charlie Kravetz, book blogger at Keeping Dreams Book Reviews, read the entire series together. He wrote a review for the different bundles and even a couple for the first episodes, which I am extremely grateful for. Feel free to read along with him and see his take on the books:
Episode 1 Review
Episode 2 Review
Episode 3 Review
Episode 4 Review

Bundle 5-8 Review
Bundle 9-12 Review

And just today, Star at The Bibliophilic Book Blog released a review of The Golden Bulls after finishing A Life of Death some months back. Star's original review of A Life of Death can be found here. The subsequent book review of The Golden Bulls can be found here.

Since the series' serialized release through Books of the Dead Press, it has hit the top 100 more than a few times and in 4 different categories simultaneously. If you haven't read it yet, grab a copy of the 4-pack bundles while they are on sale for less than a buck a piece: 1-4, 5-8, and 9-12.

Happy reading!

Weston Kincade ~ Author of the Altered Realities series, A Life of Death collection, and Strange Circumstances