Sunday, January 26, 2014

An Exciting Month for A Life of Death!

This week has been very exciting for A Life of Death as more reviews from YA book bloggers are released. With the growing excitement around the book in this first month of 2014, I have also included the other recent reviews. They are listed from the most recent first.

Book Blogger Reviews and snippets. Follow the links to find out more:

Unrated Review by Alex at Calamus
Excerpt - "Kincade has a knack for suspenseful writing..."

4 Star review by Jessica at Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile
Excerpt - "There is so much wrapped up in A Life of Death. So many minor things that, as a whole, contribute to make this a book that's honestly tough to put down..."

5 Star review by Star at Bibliophilic Book Blog
Excerpt - "I enjoyed A LIFE OF DEATH greatly and I think the author has a expressive voice which will make any story amazing..."

5 Star review by Wendy at Minding Spot
Excerpt - "I can't wait to read something else by this exceptionally gifted author! A Life in Death deserves five stars - it's that good! Highly recommend!!"

5 Star review by Ailyn at Piece of My Mind, not once but in two separate reviews: 1 and 2
Excerpts - "I would recommend this as a good read...," and "You will like it if you like supernatural abilities..."

4 Star review by Samantha at Samthebookaholic
 Excerpt: "I highly recommend this book to people who love mystery..."

In addition, Books of the Dead Press published Episode 11 on Amazon, the second to last episode of Book 2, The Golden Bulls. It should soon be available through most other e-book retailers if it isn't already. 

Also, the new paperback of A Life of Death was recently published on December 31st of 2013. The paperback of Book 1 is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other e-book retailers.

If you haven't started the A Life of Death collection, but would like to begin with the first free episode, it is available in e-book here on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Weston Kincade ~ Author of the Altered Realities series, A Life of Death collection, and Strange Circumstances