Monday, July 29, 2013

A Life of Death and Salvation Updates

I am happy to announce that Episode 3 of A Life of Death was released last night on through my publisher Books of the Dead Press. In this episode:

Skeletons from the past are haunting more than just Alex—esteemed adults within the community and even teachers. Alex is confronted with the true tests of life, but can he find the courage to stand up for those in need, including his stepfamily? There is more at stake than bruised ribs and broken bones, and Alex may have to pay the price.

Get it here on for $.99 until it is price matched to other sites. It is currently available for FREE on Smashwords and in coming weeks will be released on Sony, Kobo, Apple, and Barnes and Noble for free.

Episode  4 will be available in two weeks, August 12th.

So far as my Altered Realities series is concerned, I just implemented the initial beta comments for Salvation and have sent the revised edition out to the remaining participating beta readers. I hope to have it ready for release in coming weeks, but it still needs to go through my editor. I will keep you posted about the actual release date as the information becomes available.

Weston Kincade ~ Author of the Altered Realities series, A Life of Death collection of novels, and Strange Circumstances